Code/Interactive hosts Hackathon 2016!

Code/Interactive hosts Hackathon 2016!


Much like many other professional industries out there, the lack of diversity in the professional tech community is all too apparent, even in this day and age. It is precisely because of this need for change that not-for-profit organization C/I (Code/Interactive) functions under one main goal. This goal is to give high school students from low income households access to computer science education that can provide them with a shot at a quality future. Whether addressing the difference gap in gender, ethnicity, social class or gender expression, the hope is that our next tech generation is as versatile as the ideas these young adults are churning out.

This is why C/I was the perfect group to host Major League Hacking’s Local Hack Day Hackathon powered by Fullstack Academy. For 14 hours on a Saturday in early December, nearly 90 students gathered at Galvanize NY with one major challenge. Grouped into teams, they were asked to create products that address various social issues such as bias, misunderstanding, or other recurring problems facing the population daily, that might be helped with technology.

Quite a prompt to drop on a group of high-school kids, right? While the idea proved to be challenging nonetheless, these hackathon participants didn’t have to go it alone. Coming from all corners of the tech and startup world, professionals volunteered their time and expertise for the 14-hour coding extravaganza. Diving further into HTML, JavaScript and CSS, students got direct access to real-world problem solving approaches, computer science lessons, and an overall valuable dose of exposure to the industry.

Among these volunteers was our very own Psyopian, Wellington Fan (better known as Beef by his avid fan base) who lent his day mentoring two groups from the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering. “I love that there are programs like this becoming available to any kid who has the desire to learn. Nobody should be denied that. Seeing how passionate they were to learn and just create something for the greater good was amazing. It was just a very special day, and I’d love to continue to be a part of C/I’s events.”

Next up for C/I is a large-scale hackathon taking place at SXSW in March 2017. For more on the incredible work being done, check them out on all their platforms listed below!

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