Gather Your Cats and Join Us for a Caturday Morning Cartoon Marathon Featuring Grandma’s Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!)

Gather Your Cats and Join Us for a Caturday Morning Cartoon Marathon Featuring Grandma’s Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!)


Gather your cats and join us on April 22, 2017 for a Caturday Morning cartoon marathon featuring Grandma’s Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!), the complete series, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Created by Psyop for DreamworksTV, Grandma’s Cats (Are Trying to Kill Her!) is a delightfully twisted animated series that joins our young hero, Lucas, on a summer-long vacation spent living with Grandma. While he loves Grandma’s hands-off parenting approach, he’s horrified to discover that her seemingly normal cats, Boo Boo and Clyde, are actually trying to kill her!

With nineteen short episodes of only two minutes each, you can safely binge-watch the entire series in a single Caturday, while still finding plenty of time for naps, snack breaks, and more naps.

All day we’ll be celebrating the launch of Grandma's Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!) on Amazon Prime by using the official Psyop social media handles to host a unique digital watch-a-long event. Throughout the day, we'll be sharing original cat-themed art created by our community of friends and fans around the web with our audience of over 140k fans and followers.

Anyone who wants to play along can join in and submit their own cat content using the hashtag #CaturdayMorningCartoons.

Join us online and participate by heading to @Psyop on Twitter and Facebook, and @PsyopTV on Instagram on Caturday--that is--Saturday, April 22nd, with a wrap-up to come later on

Need more cat content? We’ll be prowling Amazon Prime for all of the best cat-themed cartoons, movies, and who-knows-what-else, and chiming in with our thoughts throughout the day. (Cat furniture reviews, anyone?)

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