Inktober Artist Spotlight: Ryan Raith

Inktober Artist Spotlight: Ryan Raith


Compositor by profession, beautiful doodle maker by craft... Meet Ryan Raith!

If you could describe your artistic style with 3 words, what would they be?

Work in progress.

What artists or collections do you look to for inspiration?

As a compositor, I spend a lot of time chasing “photo-real”. So, I’m fascinated and impressed by how few strokes an artist like Nicolai Fechin needs to sell an image. Dice Tsutsumi brings that decided simplicity to his paintings. It creates a sophistication and clarity. Other industry artists I admire are Tadahiro Uesugi, Noah Klocek, & Pascal Campion.

When did you know that this was the path you wanted to take in your career?

Drawing in my childhood was always fun. Drawing in a studio full of amazing artists was just embarrassing. So I stopped. But reading books with my daughter taught me that the emotional connection isn’t dependant on the quality of the art. And that connection is the magical part. So I cut myself some slack and stopped trying to draw a piece of art. Now I draw to conjure an idea or a feeling. I trust the technical aspect will come with time and practice.

If you could work with anyone, in this industry or outside of it (dead or alive) - Who would it be and why?

I would love to take some more painting lessons from my grandfather. As I teenager i couldn’t see past the Western-themes to his art. I finally came around and got a few lessons, but I could’ve learned a lot more from that guy.

Pick one of your Inktober pieces and explain what thought went into creating it and why it’s your pick.

My favorite was “lost”. I had some lackluster thumbnails of a viking ship in the modern-day NY harbor. Luckily, my daughter lost a tooth that day. I figured it would be more fun to paint my daughter.

I was correct.