Psyop Artists FILL IN THE BLANK!

Psyop Artists FILL IN THE BLANK!


When you work at a creative-based company, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the individuals making up the team are artistic. However, when the day-to-day routine of carrying out jobs becomes all that our conversations are built around, it's easy to forget that each artist has their own life, passions and talents outside office walls.

It was exactly this intriguing truth that led Psyop Character FX Lead Kelly Shay to search for a way to shed some light on all of these hidden, outside talents. Enter Psyop's spring art gallery event, FILL IN THE BLANK, which showcased a diverse collection of Psyopians and their creations. Looking back on the success of the showcase and a fulfilling feeling of IN-clusivity, we caught up with Kelly to get a little bit more on the backstory.

What was the inspiration for this event? Where did the idea originally come from?

Kelly Shay: The idea for Fill in the Blank started to form after a few different coworkers unknowingly inspired me greatly when I found out about the different things they were creating outside of work. Each one of them had a different talent, and when they'd speak about it I couldn't help but hear their excitement. Such fulfilling and happy conversations began turning on a light in me to create something of my own. Those sparks from those moments built up, and I couldn't help but want to organize an event that let each and every one of us share what we create!

What was your hope/goal for the event? In other words, what sort of outcome were you striving for?

KS: I hoped that the event would be a catalyst for more creation! Either individual creation or collaborative creation. That it would bring us all together in a super connected, chill way, where we could each have a moment to either share a part of our own wacky minds, and/or support the cool things in someone else's mind. I was adamant about it being as open as possible, so no matter what you make, be it delicious food, photography/video from around the world, illustrative paintings, or performing your own music, we'd find a way to share it.

Now that it's past us... How do you think it all went? What was your favorite moment or aspect of the evening?

KS: Ah man, I know I had an awesome time! The group of people I had helping me put this together definitely stuck to the vibe I was hoping for, and it really made it special. Thank you to them! Finally seeing the space set up with each name tag, and each creator next to their work, or looking at all the others... It was just so cool. I think my absolute favorite moment was when we had collected everyone's work and were beginning to hang it. We were setting up during work hours right in the lobby, and as people were walking by to get to the bathroom or get to their next meeting, they kept stopping to glance at all the art. It instantly made me smile. I could see people's brains switching gears, eyes widening, and questions arising. At that moment, I got the chance to see other people experiencing exactly the feelings that originally inspired me to make the event. It's just so cool how we can pass it on so easily. I don't think any of us usually realize our individual impact, and own ability to start chain reactions.

Already a smash hit the first time around, we can only imagine where this creative call-to-share could go. Sift through our gallery below to check out the Psyop family and their talents!