Psyop Artists Showcase Their Art... On a Rooftop!

Psyop Artists Showcase Their Art... On a Rooftop!


A view of the NYC skyline, great company and perfect weather surrounding a rooftop scattered with a striking collection of artwork. Do summer nights get any better than this? A few of our visionary artists from within the Psyop family recently showcased their talents in the form of a popup art gallery atop our New York studio, and now we hear directly from the source what this evening meant for them.

Eunice Kim:

My series is about my dog, Bonnie. This project first started off with me wanting to paint my own iPhone lock screen. Ha! I spend about 50% of my day trying to understand what's going through my dog's head, so drawing little moments of her life was a no-brainer subject matter to me.

The series is still growing, and my iPhone lock screen keeps changing, and now I have about 10 paintings of her that I hope to put together as a picture book one day. It's really therapeutic to go home and paint something that I love, while not worrying about things like the client's need or director's concept, things that I have to consider when I'm designing style frames at work.

At first I didn't want to use my Bonnie paintings for the show, mainly because I didn't want people to think that I only paint dogs on my spare time. So I actually started a brand new series about my neighbors, but with the deadline coinciding with some family matters, I wasn't going to finish it in time and I was really stressing out about it. And a few friends really encouraged me to just use my Bonnie paintings. "Eunice, we all know that you're obsessed about your dog," they said, and that convinced me more than "I love your Bonnie paintings," so I went, 'fuck it, I'm just gonna embrace my crazy dog lady status,' and fixed up my old Bonnie paintings for this show.

I hope people get to take a break from their complicated and hectic life and enjoy the simple but precious moments of my dog Bonnie's life through my paintings. This girl seriously knows how to be happy over the smallest things, and that's what I want to capture...the joy of little things, as cliche as it sounds.

Pedro Lavin:

I've been obsessed with drag queens and gender bending for a while. It's a theme that's been influencing my personal work quite a bit recently. How is it that something so deceivingly simple and innocuous, like stepping outside your gender, is considered to be so aggressive and jarring?

I enjoy witnessing the tension created by people who live between genders: how drag queens can command bars full of people, or confident ladies in menswear pull all the focus on the street. It makes them somehow superhuman, creatures that transcend childish ideas of masculinity or femininity and borrow freely from either side of the gender spectrum.

I wanted to portray exaggerated caricatures of these male/female amazons. Beings who have done away with pronouns, and give no shits about how garish or over the top they are. In fact, they push the cheese. Their makeup may be smudging, their pearls plastic, and their wigs a hairy mess; but somehow they're still more fabulous than you'll ever be.

Kim Dulaney:

"I wanted to break down each piece to represent four stages of my life. In my youth, I was exposed to a great deal of Native American culture while living in Washington state. I challenged myself to create four pieces that represented my life in the style of indigenous American art with a modern approach. These four images are a view into my totem pole life."

Robin Thompson:

At the core of it, this series is about a couple's relationship through the life cycle of a plant.

Borja Pena:

Sean Martin:

Each illustration is a key word taken from a Victor Hugo quote. He captured the different ways people can perceive the future; some see it with bight-eyed optimism, while others feel defeated by the challenges that lay ahead of them. The illustrations are visions of the future seen through the lens of a different personality.

~ The future has many names. For the weak, it's unattainable. For the fearful, it's unknown. For the bold, it's ideal. ~ Victor Hugo

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