Psyop Gets a Sweet 16!

Psyop Gets a Sweet 16!


Although you might know Psyop as the wide-reaching, ever expanding VFX/Animation/Creative powerhouse that it is today, 16 years ago all of this was just one massive goal to reach for. Once upon a time, five young artists in New York City -- Marie Hyon, Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick, Eben Mears and Marco Spier -- all connected on the common ground of wanting to take their own crazy perspectives and make something of them for the world to see. Since that fateful meeting in back in the nineties, Psyop has charged full steam ahead with the same boundary-pushing approach, happy to continue being a true foundation for artists and collaborators alike to come together with the shared goal of creating something amazing.

It wouldn't be fitting if Psyop didn't celebrate in the city it found its roots in; so on our 16th birthday, a massive rooftop party was thrown for the teen-aged Team Psyop, celebrating our growth into much more of a quirky, off-center family rather than just some company.

The evening was full to the brim with festivities, with tunes provided by DJ Natasha Diggs and DJ Stretch Armstrong, who blasted enough material to last deep into the night from the rooftop of Psyop's SoHo office space. In classic Psyop tradition, a Bosco photo booth was also placed on the scene so not a moment could be missed... or ever forgotten, for that matter.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone out there for continuing to follow us along on the crazy ride known as Psyop. Here's to 16 more beautiful years!!