Killing It While All The Other Big Soda Brands Are In A Slump

How to re-invigorate and re-brand Fanta, and create marketing that would connect with young people globally.

Psyop partnered with Ogilvy to invent an imaginative World around the theme of “Play." We designed and animated a squad of fun, relatable characters who would inspire teens around the world to battle the dull grown-up world, weaving the fun, playful Fanta brand into their entertaining stories and slices of life, all of which were easily adaptable to multi-national markets.

  • A seven year campaign that is still going, with tens of MILLIONS of views on YouTube so far.
  • Fanta themed entertainment includes over two dozen spots, a mobile game, and an interactive graphic novel.
  • Fanta saw the strongest growth of the top 10 soda brands, reporting a 3 percent increase in sales volume. One factor was fun marketing, including the unified "Less Serious" global marketing campaign - Business Insider